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Core Strength


Work the entire CORE in this 45 minute class, which includes the obliques, rectus abdominis, lower abs, and the back. Beginner to Advance.

Vinyasa Yoga

Group Ex Room 1A

Draws from various styles of yoga to build a practice to challenge you physically. Begin to cultivate mental well-being while you build a strong, lean and flexible, physical body. Intermediate […]

Cardio Splash


A refreshing alternative to land aerobics with minimal impact to the joints.  This high energy workout offers cardio and muscular strength, deep and shallow water segments, and the use of […]

Gentle Chair Yoga


Chair Yoga modifies traditional poses for the chair making health and fitness benefits accessible to everyone. Good for Seniors. Beginner

Group Biking


This cardiovascular workout uses various performance levels and resistance. A 30+ minute ride followed by stretching. Beginner to Advance

Total Body


Get everything in this 45 minute class. A little cardio, strength and core. Each class is different and challenging. Beginner to Advance

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